Imagination Play Builds School Readiness Skills

This video shows Sam (36 months old) using many different school readiness skills. He demonstrates an imagination using the magic wand to turn me into whatever he chooses. This skill will serve him well when playing/socializing with peers and adults. He will also need the skill to connect with characters in stories and understand the difference between that which is real and that which is make-believe. His emotional expression and use of paired facial expressions will serve him well during social interactions. The magic wand play allows him the chance to use grammar elements and sentence structure (however imperfectly) that he wouldn’t use in a typical day when he says “Turn mommy into a….”. Sam’s use of multi-sensory processing while swinging the wand, balancing on the chair, listening to my sounds and words, and looking at my facial expressions and movements (e.g., I was snapping my arms like an alligator’s mouth when he “turned me into” an alligator.) will be necessary in school when he is asked to look at the teacher, listen to his/her words and do what is asked. Finally, the imagination play provides him an opportunity to build articulation skills as he works to speak clearly to be understood, imitates my speech, and repairs a breakdown (i.e., when I didn’t understand that he said “car”).


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