Study Says Early Home Visits Show School Benefits

Study Says Early Home Visits Show School Benefits

This article from Education Week’s “Early Years” blog (2/8/13) is spot on.  Providing home visits during infancy and then progressively less often until a child enrolls in Head Start or kindergarten serves to teach at-risk parents and new mothers about child development and to give lessons in such skills as responding to a baby’s cues and reducing stress.  The end result was that children in the home-visited group in the study excelled on three behaviors that promote learning:  ability to work and play cooperatively, follow oral directions or classroom rules, and completing homework and class work on time.  

Whether it be via home visits for at-risk expectant parents and new mothers or tools such as the ORB3 Infant-Toddler Curriculum which builds language, social, emotional and sensory skills for school readiness, research shows that guiding parents and caregivers to start building the skills for school right from the start has countless benefits for children, families and society.


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