Sam Sings “Down By the Station” With Near Adult-Level Articulation

At not quite 2 months past his third birthday, Sam’s articulation skills are near adult levels. He is able to control his muscles for breathing to produce a steady, outward airflow to sing the song. He has solid control for his jaw muscles for sounds such as “b” and “m.” He is able to round his lips for the sound “oh” and spread his lips for the “smiling” sound “ee.” He also demonstrates control of his lip-face muscles to produce the sound “f.” Sam produces plenty of tongue sounds, such as “d”, “s” and “l,” even when they occur in difficult positions of words (e.g., “l” in the middle of “pufferbelly,” “s” in the “st” cluster in “station,” etc.). Finally, Sam’s pacing and timing for singing the song and his use of increased volume within words to stress certain syllables over others lead to clear speech at a level that is to be expected at his age. Sam is well on his way to being ready for school with such clear articulation skills.


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