Spotlight on Operation Ready By 3!

Spotlight on Operation Ready By 3!

Operation Ready By 3 and the ORB3 Infant-Toddler Curriculum were spotlighted today by Robin McCoy in her blog titled The Cutest Blog on the Block.  Robin brings the public’s attention to mom- and dad-invented products and services that she learns about and tries personally.  In her blog today about the ORB3 Infant-Toddler Curriculum, she tells readers that she has been using the ORB3 with her two daughters, Savannah (2-3/4 years old) and Arabella (1-1/2 years old), and “can’t believe the results.”  Today, she reveals her Spotlight on Mom interview with me as well as encourages readers to stay tuned on Friday, when she will share a more detailed review of my infant-toddler curriculum, which, she says, is “helping my daughters get ready for school, and could help your little one, too.”  She also tells readers that she will be “running a giveaway on Friday where one lucky reader will be able to receive a portion of the ORB3 Infant-Toddler Curriculum which pertains to their child’s age, in order to try it with their little one.”

Robin was inspired by her own 2 children and products that made her life as a mom and business owner easier.  In turn, she created a place where amazing women, men and mom-dad teams could be spotlighted, and their products reviewed and shared, so that other parents out there on the fence about a product idea or dream could find inspiration and a push to take the leap and become a business woman or super mom.  She herself is inspirational when she writes on her site “It can be done, as I am witness to, and are the 100+ moms I have spotlighted since 2010.”  She encourages mom/dad entrepreneurs to drop her a line to have their products/services reviewed.  She also tells business or PR representatives who have a product or service that they want to get in front of mom consumers to check out her sponsorship tab or to drop her a line at:  rmccoy1234 at gmail dot com.  She can also be followed on Facebook at robin.mccoy.ramirez and Twitter at rmccoy1234.

Thanks to Robin for spotlighting my ORB3 Infant-Toddler Curriculum so that more parents and caregivers can give their children the language, emotional, social and sensory skills they need to be ready for school and for highlighting my mission:  to get every child ready for school by the age of 3, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic level, or family background!


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