May 13th Conversation with Jonathan Cohn about the Hell of American Daycare

May 13th Conversation with Jonathan Cohn about the Hell of American Daycare

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In my April 15 blog, I informed my readers about Jonathan Cohn’s article in New Republic titled “The Hell of American Daycare.”  The article highlighted the tragic outcomes stemming from our inadequate, unequal, and largely unregulated child care system.  

The above link provides us a great opportunity to join in the conversation with Jonathan Cohn and panel of experts this coming Monday about the “hell of American daycare” and an examination of potential strategies to improve our early education system more broadly.  The panel plans to address such questions as “What type of changes would best help children to achieve greater education and social outcomes?” and “Which structures would work best for parents striving for economic stability and a better future for their children?”  The panel also plans to consider the promise of “two-generation” strategies, those that simultaneously address the needs of parents and children, to provide early educational opportunities and support for parents participating in the workforce.

The program will be live streaming on the event webpage for those unable to attend in person at The New America Foundation on L Street in Washington, DC.  You can also join the conversation by tweeting @AssetsNAF with the hashtag #fixingdaycare.

I’ll be in attendance at the event and will surely share my insights, ideas and conclusions on my blog next week.  Stay tuned!


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