Fatherhood, Manhood, and Having it All

Fatherhood, Manhood, and Having it All Connor Williams, who works for The New America Foundation, wrote on June 28 in The Daily Beast about his experiences as a stay-at-home father and about why we need to change our views of masculinity and praise caretaker dads.  He explains in his article that “even in his Beltway (DC […]

Baby College: The importance of stimulating a child’s brain early on

Baby College: The importance of stimulating a child’s brain early on The above link takes readers to a transcript of an episode of This American Life (TAL), an NPR show from WBEZ Chicago and distributed by Public Radio International.  The episode is called “Going Big.”  I will note, as the producers do at the top […]

Getting Infants and Toddlers Ready for School as They Reach for the Stars Themselves

My organization’s logo, shown here, encompasses what a child looks like who is “school-ready.” When a child can raise his hand to respond to a teacher’s request or question, it demonstrates one of the most perfect manifestations of well-developed language, emotional, social and sensory skills. The development of these skills begins the day a baby […]

I Can’t Do It!

Toddlers want to do for themselves. It’s how they develop the language, social, emotional, sensory and physical skills that will allow them to function more and more independently as the years roll on. However, allowing a toddler to complete a “big boy/girl” or “grown-up” task can result in frustration for the child and in cleaning […]

Vocabulary Development…A True Gift for School Readiness!

At nearly 39 months, Sam works hard to expand his vocabulary. He takes in words around him and attempts to use them in his daily interactions with people and in his play. In the example in the video, Sam casually uses the word “hooking” to explain what he is doing to the truck. He uses […]

As Child Care Costs Rise, Families Seek Alternatives

As Child Care Costs Rise, Families Seek Alternatives According to the above-linked article in the New York Times, “child care costs have nearly doubled since the mid-1980’s.”  This doesn’t come as much of a shock since food, gas, utilities and many other costs have also increased significantly.  Families are working hard to get creative to […]