Sensory Processing In Babies and Toddlers

Sensory processing is a frequently overlooked skill in the under 36 month old set.  Newborns arrive into the world with an already established preference for taking in the environment around them.  They are born with a sensory processing preference either for visual (looking), auditory (listening) or kinesthetic (movement) processing, and this preference will greatly affect […]

Government Is Not The Solution For Babies and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers make one million neural connections per second in the first 3 years of their lives.  They are laying down the foundations of their brain circuitry for learning, thinking and taking in their world that they will have for their entire lives.  Emory University and the state of Georgia’s “Talk With Me Baby” […]

Can Two-Generation Strategies Bolster Early Education and Workforce Participation?

Can Two-Generation Strategies Bolster Early Education and Workforce Participation? The above link provides an opportunity to view the live-streamed event that I attended yesterday at the New America Foundation which focused on the “hell of American daycare” and an examination of potential strategies to improve our early education system more broadly.  The conversation highlighted Jonathan […]