Quality Early Childhood Interventions, Like Abecedarian, Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Healthcare Spending and Social Welfare Costs

http://heckmanequation.org/health-research I had intended to blog yesterday morning about some informative NY Times “baby-toddler” articles that I read over the weekend, but, alas, my kids being home for Spring break and other distractions prevented me from doing so.  I will get to those articles soon when life settles.  In the meantime, because life is so busy […]

What Do Babies Think?

What Do Babies Think? “Tiny babies are already doing a lot of the kinds of thinking and learning that we think of as being the learning of very sophisticated scientists.”  — Alison Gopnik, professor of psychology and philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley and author of The Philosophical Baby, The Scientist in the Crib […]