Early Care and Learning Programs for America’s Children: What’s Good on a Local Level is Good for the Nation

The longterm gains of early childhood programs for children 0-5 years of age have been proven again and again.  American economists, such as James Heckman at the University of Chicago, remind us frequently that the greatest return on investment with regard to children happens in the years before a child begins school.  It’s a greater […]

In Pitching Veggies to Kids, Less Is More

Matt Richtel, NY Times writer of the above-titled article, tells of research that goes along with the video I have attached here (The video is Halloween-themed, but fits perfectly here nonetheless.). In the article, he writes “One of the fiercest marketing battles in the world takes place in kitchens and at dining room tables across […]

Take Action! Be a BIG VOICE for Little Kids

I received the below email yesterday from Patricia Cole at the Zero to Three National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families Policy group.  Please consider helping get all babies and toddlers ready for school and life! “This week your Senators will vote on S. 1086, to reauthorize the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG). […]

How to Make the U.S. a Better Place for Caregivers

How to Make the U.S. a Better Place for Caregivers The above-linked article by Anne-Marie Slaughter for the Atlantic on May 14, 2013 is a dead-on follow-up to the panel presentation I attended on Monday at The New America Foundation about the “hell of American daycare.”  Slaughter’s article brings to light “an inventory of strategies […]

Perfect Example of Toddlerhood

39-month old Sam insists that I read the book. After an exchange of using the pronouns “I” and “you” accurately to say he wants me to read the book to him (Accurate use of pronouns is age-appropriate for a 39-month old.), he ends up taking over the activity after all. This is a clear example […]