Toddler Emotions: Hey, I Don’t Like That!

In the video, I encourage 41-month old Sam to use his words to tell his big sister, Stella, that he doesn’t like it when she pushes him. This skill for using his words, rather than his behavior (e.g., by pushing back, screaming at her, etc.), to express what he doesn’t like is a crucial school […]

Vocabulary Development…A True Gift for School Readiness!

At nearly 39 months, Sam works hard to expand his vocabulary. He takes in words around him and attempts to use them in his daily interactions with people and in his play. In the example in the video, Sam casually uses the word “hooking” to explain what he is doing to the truck. He uses […]

The Things I Owe My Parents: The Funny Side of Language-Based Parenting

My mom sent me the below list of “things we tell our kids” in an email this morning.  First, it made me laugh.  I am as guilty as my mother and father for saying things “in the moment” that aren’t really teaching the best lesson!  Occasionally saying inappropriate words (and using inappropriate logic, etc.) with […]