Don’t Worry: There are Options for Middle Class Families with Children Ages 3-5 Years

At a pregnancy center last week, a Moroccan couple came in to request assistance for their fourth baby, due in July.  They already had a 2-year old, 3-year old and 7-year old and had arrived from Morocco 4 years ago. The father, whose English was good, explained that he worked as a bus driver for a […]

Parenting and Caregiving Litmus Test: How Am I Doing?

According to The Urban Child Institute, a baby’s brain at birth “already has about all of the neurons it will ever have,” “doubles in size in the first year, and by age three it has reached 80 percent of its adult volume.”  The period from birth to age 3 represents the single most crucial period […]

Providence, R.I., Wins $5 Million to Improve Early Literacy

Providence, R.I., Wins $5 Million to Improve Early Literacy This blog entry from the “Early Years”, one of Education Week’s blogs, follows up nicely on the video I posted yesterday of Sam and my comments about the connection between vocabulary development and literacy skills.  Julie Blair writes in the above-linked blog about a program called […]

Vocabulary Development…A True Gift for School Readiness!

At nearly 39 months, Sam works hard to expand his vocabulary. He takes in words around him and attempts to use them in his daily interactions with people and in his play. In the example in the video, Sam casually uses the word “hooking” to explain what he is doing to the truck. He uses […]

Study Says Early Home Visits Show School Benefits

Study Says Early Home Visits Show School Benefits This article from Education Week’s “Early Years” blog (2/8/13) is spot on.  Providing home visits during infancy and then progressively less often until a child enrolls in Head Start or kindergarten serves to teach at-risk parents and new mothers about child development and to give lessons in […]