Operation Ready by 3 launches #Readyby3 which focuses on language- and relationship-based learning to prepare children 0-36 months for 21st century schools

There are many products and toys available to parents and caregivers these days that are aimed to get babies and toddlers ready for school.  They vary in cost, ease of use, and accessibility.  Some parents and caregivers feel compelled, and are able, to buy “fancy” toys that light up and sing.  Some purchase expensive learning […]

A parent or caregiver is the best toy for children 0-36 months

Many light-up or electronic toys for babies and toddlers have a predicable response to an action taken by him or her.  If a baby shakes an electronic rattle, the toy will beep and light up.  If a toddler opens a door on a battery-driven barn, a cow will pop out and say “moo.” Sometimes a […]

Play Important in Brain Development, Expert Says

Play Important in Brain Development, Expert Says In the above-linked article, Deborah McNelis, an early childhood brain specialist, touts playtime to be just as important to early childhood brain development as proper nutrition.  Many experts state the importance of play in early childhood.  The two most popular, mass-marketed infant-toddler curricula available today emphasize the “play-based” […]