School Readiness: Standards Sunday

Today’s standard to be discussed is:  Recognizes the structure of government and the relationship between rules, laws and becoming a good citizen.  The standard is, once again, taken from the kindergarten standards for the Fairfax County Public School System in northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.  This sounds like such a “big” idea for a […]

School Readiness: Standards Saturday

Today’s standard is:  Listens and speaks for specific purposes.  This kindergarten standard is taken from Fairfax County Public Schools.  Fairfax County is located just outside Washington, DC in northern VA.  The standard has 24 very important language arts benchmarks that align with it.  The benchmark in the spotlight today is:  listen and speak in informal […]

The Things I Owe My Parents: The Funny Side of Language-Based Parenting

My mom sent me the below list of “things we tell our kids” in an email this morning.  First, it made me laugh.  I am as guilty as my mother and father for saying things “in the moment” that aren’t really teaching the best lesson!  Occasionally saying inappropriate words (and using inappropriate logic, etc.) with […]