The World Needs More Observers and Sharers: How Parents and Caregivers Make a Difference in Babies’ and Toddlers’ Lives

Writers and photographers who travel make observations and take what they see to others.  They are “noticers” and “see-ers,” as well as “share-ers,” extraordinaire!  By way of their written or spoken stories or their photos, these amazing observers share their experiences with those who have not had the same experiences or with those who have […]

Sensory Processing In Babies and Toddlers

Sensory processing is a frequently overlooked skill in the under 36 month old set.  Newborns arrive into the world with an already established preference for taking in the environment around them.  They are born with a sensory processing preference either for visual (looking), auditory (listening) or kinesthetic (movement) processing, and this preference will greatly affect […]

Top 10 ORB3: Sentences That Teach Babies and Toddlers Multi-Sensory Processing

I posted a video yesterday of my 3-year old who has developed solid multi-sensory processing for school readiness and success.  Of course, multi-sensory processing is not a constant with him!  If he is really absorbed in watching a favorite Peppa Pig or Caillou episode or moving his toy trains around the track, multi-sensory processing can […]