Toddler Emotions: I Don’t Like You!

The video of 40-month old Sam is the perfect example of how a toddler misinterprets others’ actions as a direct offense against him (See my blog from 5/20/13 in which I discuss the topic in terms of Sam’s sad feelings.). Sam often feels anywhere from mildly disgruntled to down-right ticked off that I have to […]

Toddler Emotions: Sad Due to Hurt Feelings

Learning to distinguish among all the possible emotional expressions of children 0-3 years old is no small task, especially as a new or first-time parent. From the time a baby is born, we must learn to decipher his cries to know whether he is hungry, thirsty, bored, overstimulated, tired, needs cuddling, or is in pain. […]

School Readiness: Standards Sunday

Today’s standard to be discussed is:  Recognizes the structure of government and the relationship between rules, laws and becoming a good citizen.  The standard is, once again, taken from the kindergarten standards for the Fairfax County Public School System in northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.  This sounds like such a “big” idea for a […]

10 Takeaway Tips for Social and Emotional Learning

10 Takeaway Tips for Social and Emotional Learning The above-linked article discusses tips used by educators in the Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY to teach children to be not only skilled thinkers but also successful human beings and citizens of the world.  The district has designed a successful program called “CARE for Kids” […]

School Readiness: Standards Saturday

Today’s standard is:  Listens and speaks for specific purposes.  This kindergarten standard is taken from Fairfax County Public Schools.  Fairfax County is located just outside Washington, DC in northern VA.  The standard has 24 very important language arts benchmarks that align with it.  The benchmark in the spotlight today is:  listen and speak in informal […]

Top 10 ORB3: Phrases That Teach Babies and Toddlers Social Skills

1.  I (or whomever the “victim” is) don’t like when you _______ (Name the offensive action).  Examples:  I don’t like when you kick me.  Sarah doesn’t like it when you bite her. 2.  That makes me (victim) sad/upset when you _______ (offensive action). Examples:  That makes me sad when you hit me.  That makes Grandma […]