In Pitching Veggies to Kids, Less Is More

Matt Richtel, NY Times writer of the above-titled article, tells of research that goes along with the video I have attached here (The video is Halloween-themed, but fits perfectly here nonetheless.). In the article, he writes “One of the fiercest marketing battles in the world takes place in kitchens and at dining room tables across […]

Quality Early Childhood Interventions, Like Abecedarian, Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Healthcare Spending and Social Welfare Costs I had intended to blog yesterday morning about some informative NY Times “baby-toddler” articles that I read over the weekend, but, alas, my kids being home for Spring break and other distractions prevented me from doing so.  I will get to those articles soon when life settles.  In the meantime, because life is so busy […]

March 2014 ZERO TO THREE Journal: Prenatal Influences on Child Development

I am sharing the March 2014 Volume 34 No. 4 issue of the ZERO TO THREE Journal that I received today by email.  If you would like to receive the ZERO TO THREE Journal too, you can call 1(800) 899-4301 or email ZERO TO THREE: National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families 1255 23rd Street, NW | […]

U.S. Babies, Toddlers Need Food for Healthy Brain Development

U.S. Babies, Toddlers Need Food for Healthy Brain Development Sam, my now 4-year old whom I have blogged about so many times in the past year, announced assuredly just now “It’s a lovely day outside!” as he ate his nutritious breakfast of bacon, strawberries, and toast paired with a glass of milk.  His use of […]