There are 6 crucial school readiness domains to think about when talking, singing and reading to babies and toddlers. Here’s #6 of the 6.

In the last month or so information about five crucial school readiness domains were provided as a way for parents to feel empowered as well as to support them in digging deeper as to “why” the advice of “talk, sing and read to your baby” is so important.  Information was shared about why the advice […]

A parent or caregiver is the best toy for children 0-36 months

Many light-up or electronic toys for babies and toddlers have a predicable response to an action taken by him or her.  If a baby shakes an electronic rattle, the toy will beep and light up.  If a toddler opens a door on a battery-driven barn, a cow will pop out and say “moo.” Sometimes a […]

Simple Ideas for Harnessing Creativity When Caring for 0-3 Year Olds

Simple Ideas for Harnessing Creativity When Caring for 0-3 Year Olds The above link takes you to an article written by Trisha Riche for Edutopia, the educational foundation started by George Lucas (of Star Wars fame).  The article is dated December 14, 2011, which seems like eons ago, but the ideas Riche shares about harnessing creativity […]