The World Needs More Observers and Sharers: How Parents and Caregivers Make a Difference in Babies’ and Toddlers’ Lives

Writers and photographers who travel make observations and take what they see to others.  They are “noticers” and “see-ers,” as well as “share-ers,” extraordinaire!  By way of their written or spoken stories or their photos, these amazing observers share their experiences with those who have not had the same experiences or with those who have […]

Government Is Not The Solution For Babies and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers make one million neural connections per second in the first 3 years of their lives.  They are laying down the foundations of their brain circuitry for learning, thinking and taking in their world that they will have for their entire lives.  Emory University and the state of Georgia’s “Talk With Me Baby” […]

Toddler Emotions: Sad About Sparky

In this video, 40-month old Sam demonstrates his solid development of emotional expression. The video shows how Sam’s voice (e.g., pitch, volume, intonation), facial expression and word choice come together seamlessly to express his thoughts and feelings to me about his fire station dog, Sparky, becoming old. Thankfully, Sam was not overtaken by his sad […]

A Clear Case for a Language-Based Experience for Infants and Toddlers

A Clear Case for a Language-Based Experience for Infants and Toddlers The article I have linked to above from the Education Week  newsletter (February 5, 2013) titled “Students Must Learn More Words, Studies Say” focuses mainly on the issue that children who enter kindergarten with a small vocabulary don’t get taught enough words in the classroom […]

Multi-Sensory Processing in 36-Month Old Child

At one week past his third birthday, Sam presents with seamless multi-sensory processing, a crucial school readiness skill. He is able to hear my words (auditory processing), visually scan for the picture I am talking about (visual processing), and point to the picture (kinesthetic processing). This ability to listen, look and do rapidly and easily, […]