There are 6 crucial school readiness domains to think about when talking, singing and reading to babies and toddlers. Here’s #6 of the 6.

In the last month or so information about five crucial school readiness domains were provided as a way for parents to feel empowered as well as to support them in digging deeper as to “why” the advice of “talk, sing and read to your baby” is so important.  Information was shared about why the advice […]

Specialists Sidestep Treatment Guidelines for Preschoolers with ADHD

Specialists Sidestep Treatment Guidelines for Preschoolers with ADHD Christina Samuels cross-posted an article from On Special Education blog for Education Week’s blog “Early Years.”  The article she cross-posted summarized findings regarding use of prescription drugs with preschoolers who exhibit attentional deficits.  The findings originated from a survey study that was released during a recent meeting devoted to […]

Sam Jumps for Joy to Learn Colors

In the video, Sam demonstrates integration, or seamless mixing/combining, of his visual (looking), auditory (listening) and kinesthetic (doing) processing skills as he looks for colors, listens to the words I speak about colors, and then jumps to the colors. This ability to look, listen and do serves him well in his current preschool experience, and […]

School Readiness: Standards Wednesday

Spring break starts Friday!  Life seems to be getting busier, in general, as spring approaches, and I am quite sure writing this blog will get more difficult once my 5 children (in varying combinations!) are around the house for 10 days.  Add travel this weekend and Wednesday through Easter Sunday to the mix and, well, […]

Listen and Immediately Look!

This video of 36-month old Sam demonstrates school readiness language skills in many ways. Sam accurately uses the “-‘s” to mark for possession (e.g., Caroline’s Dad). He shows a solid understanding of turn-taking in a conversation. He is able to ask as well as answer questions accurately. He is able to remember what he heard […]