There are 6 crucial school readiness domains to think about when talking, singing and reading to babies and toddlers. Here’s #6 of the 6.

In the last month or so information about five crucial school readiness domains were provided as a way for parents to feel empowered as well as to support them in digging deeper as to “why” the advice of “talk, sing and read to your baby” is so important.  Information was shared about why the advice […]

Sensory Processing In Babies and Toddlers

Sensory processing is a frequently overlooked skill in the under 36 month old set.  Newborns arrive into the world with an already established preference for taking in the environment around them.  They are born with a sensory processing preference either for visual (looking), auditory (listening) or kinesthetic (movement) processing, and this preference will greatly affect […]

Getting Infants and Toddlers Ready for School as They Reach for the Stars Themselves

My organization’s logo, shown here, encompasses what a child looks like who is “school-ready.” When a child can raise his hand to respond to a teacher’s request or question, it demonstrates one of the most perfect manifestations of well-developed language, emotional, social and sensory skills. The development of these skills begins the day a baby […]

Sound Awareness for School Readiness

As I have stated many times in my blog entries, sounds awareness is crucial for school readiness.  Babies are aware of sounds in utero and continue to build sound awareness and processing skills throughout development.  Those babies born with a preference for visual (looking) and/or kinesthetic (movement) processing will need to be guided towards the […]

School Readiness: Standards Wednesday

Spring break starts Friday!  Life seems to be getting busier, in general, as spring approaches, and I am quite sure writing this blog will get more difficult once my 5 children (in varying combinations!) are around the house for 10 days.  Add travel this weekend and Wednesday through Easter Sunday to the mix and, well, […]

Multi-Sensory Processing in 36-Month Old Child

At one week past his third birthday, Sam presents with seamless multi-sensory processing, a crucial school readiness skill. He is able to hear my words (auditory processing), visually scan for the picture I am talking about (visual processing), and point to the picture (kinesthetic processing). This ability to listen, look and do rapidly and easily, […]