Basic Tech Rules at Home Make More Time for Verbal Communication with Children

With new data showing that a majority of speech-language pathologists say children’s preoccupation with today’s personal technology is qualitatively different from past generations’ distractions of choice, such as television—with greater potential for harm—speech-language pathologists urge parents to implement some basic tech rules in their households to make time for verbal communication. This advice is especially […]

The Power of Observation: A Parent/Caregiver’s Job

When I started having children, my dad would tell me repeatedly “You have to be forever vigilant.” I thought vigilant seemed like a strong word for someone like myself, who likes having fun with my kids, but as my children developed, I realized that vigilance was crucial. Fortunately, I am a natural observer, and it […]

Counting the Words Poor Children Hear

Counting the Words Poor Children Hear It was wonderful to have a spring break, but there is much to catch up on.  IN the name of “efficiency,” I won’t summarize the above-linked article as I typically do, but will copy a snippet from the article.  It is worth reading the article in its entirety though! […]

Play Important in Brain Development, Expert Says

Play Important in Brain Development, Expert Says In the above-linked article, Deborah McNelis, an early childhood brain specialist, touts playtime to be just as important to early childhood brain development as proper nutrition.  Many experts state the importance of play in early childhood.  The two most popular, mass-marketed infant-toddler curricula available today emphasize the “play-based” […]

Toddler Language Development…Nothing Short of Amazing!

I sit in a hotel room four hours from home, anxiously awaiting Sam’s morning appointment with his liver specialist (The story of how we got to this point is not the point of this entry.).  The hotel room is so quiet, except for the sound of the noisy fan blowing from the heating/cooling unit, but […]