There are 6 crucial school readiness domains to think about when talking, singing and reading to babies and toddlers. Here’s #3 of the 6.

In the last 2 weeks, information about the two crucial school readiness domains of receptive and expressive language was provided as a way for parents to feel empowered as well as to support them in digging deeper as to why the advice of “talk, sing and read to your baby” is so important.  This week, […]

Operation Ready by 3 launches #Readyby3 which focuses on language- and relationship-based learning to prepare children 0-36 months for 21st century schools

There are many products and toys available to parents and caregivers these days that are aimed to get babies and toddlers ready for school.  They vary in cost, ease of use, and accessibility.  Some parents and caregivers feel compelled, and are able, to buy “fancy” toys that light up and sing.  Some purchase expensive learning […]

Infant-Toddler Talking: It’s Hard to Say “Bubble Guppies”

The phrase “Bubble Guppies” is difficult for any infant or toddler to produce since it has so many syllables (i.e., 4) and because it contains so many similarly produced sounds (i.e., b, p, g). My 3-1/2 year old Sam struggled five times this morning to produce it correctly. For three of the first five times […]

School Readiness: Standards Wednesday

Spring break starts Friday!  Life seems to be getting busier, in general, as spring approaches, and I am quite sure writing this blog will get more difficult once my 5 children (in varying combinations!) are around the house for 10 days.  Add travel this weekend and Wednesday through Easter Sunday to the mix and, well, […]

Top 10 ORB3: Sound Strings to Babble at Your 0-12 Month Old Baby

Who doesn’t love the sound of a baby babbling?  Those tiny sounds produced by such an adorable creature are enough to make even the toughest of hearts melt.  And, when baby pairs his babbling with a wide smile, it is heaven on earth for any parent or caregiver! Because babbling is such an important precursor […]

Imagination Play Builds School Readiness Skills

This video shows Sam (36 months old) using many different school readiness skills. He demonstrates an imagination using the magic wand to turn me into whatever he chooses. This skill will serve him well when playing/socializing with peers and adults. He will also need the skill to connect with characters in stories and understand the […]