Fatherhood, Manhood, and Having it All

Fatherhood, Manhood, and Having it All Connor Williams, who works for The New America Foundation, wrote on June 28 in The Daily Beast about his experiences as a stay-at-home father and about why we need to change our views of masculinity and praise caretaker dads.  He explains in his article that “even in his Beltway (DC […]

How to Make the U.S. a Better Place for Caregivers

How to Make the U.S. a Better Place for Caregivers The above-linked article by Anne-Marie Slaughter for the Atlantic on May 14, 2013 is a dead-on follow-up to the panel presentation I attended on Monday at The New America Foundation about the “hell of American daycare.”  Slaughter’s article brings to light “an inventory of strategies […]