Sensory Processing In Babies and Toddlers

Sensory processing is a frequently overlooked skill in the under 36 month old set.  Newborns arrive into the world with an already established preference for taking in the environment around them.  They are born with a sensory processing preference either for visual (looking), auditory (listening) or kinesthetic (movement) processing, and this preference will greatly affect […]

Specialists Sidestep Treatment Guidelines for Preschoolers with ADHD

Specialists Sidestep Treatment Guidelines for Preschoolers with ADHD Christina Samuels cross-posted an article from On Special Education blog for Education Week’s blog “Early Years.”  The article she cross-posted summarized findings regarding use of prescription drugs with preschoolers who exhibit attentional deficits.  The findings originated from a survey study that was released during a recent meeting devoted to […]

Perfect Example of Toddlerhood

39-month old Sam insists that I read the book. After an exchange of using the pronouns “I” and “you” accurately to say he wants me to read the book to him (Accurate use of pronouns is age-appropriate for a 39-month old.), he ends up taking over the activity after all. This is a clear example […]

Attempting to Sing the ABC Song

In this video, Sam (38 months) attempts to sing the ABC song. Although some of my 5 children as well as other children I know were able to sing the entire song without error by as young as 2 years old, Sam is clearly having trouble remembering it. It is of no concern to me […]

School Readiness: Standards Saturday

Today’s standard is:  Listens and speaks for specific purposes.  This kindergarten standard is taken from Fairfax County Public Schools.  Fairfax County is located just outside Washington, DC in northern VA.  The standard has 24 very important language arts benchmarks that align with it.  The benchmark in the spotlight today is:  Participate in a variety of […]

Listen and Immediately Look!

This video of 36-month old Sam demonstrates school readiness language skills in many ways. Sam accurately uses the “-‘s” to mark for possession (e.g., Caroline’s Dad). He shows a solid understanding of turn-taking in a conversation. He is able to ask as well as answer questions accurately. He is able to remember what he heard […]

Language + Finger Control = School Readiness

At 36 months, the video shows that Sam is able to control his finger muscles to express numbers up to 5. This skill develops about mid-way through a child’s second year of life and is an important school readiness skill. Some children will be able to express their age of 1 using finger control as […]

Top 10 ORB3: Sentences That Teach Babies and Toddlers Multi-Sensory Processing

I posted a video yesterday of my 3-year old who has developed solid multi-sensory processing for school readiness and success.  Of course, multi-sensory processing is not a constant with him!  If he is really absorbed in watching a favorite Peppa Pig or Caillou episode or moving his toy trains around the track, multi-sensory processing can […]