Language Gap Study Shows Vocabulary Differences by the Age of 18 Months

Language Gap Study Shows Vocabulary Differences by the Age of 18 Months Motoko Rich wrote for the NY Times on October 21, 2013 about the differences in vocabulary development in young children from low- and high-income families and the effects this has on their later reading and academic performance.  In the article, Rich reminds us […]

Encouraging Precise Vocabulary in Infants and Toddlers

The above video speaks to the importance of modeling precise vocabulary use to an infant or toddler. Since Sam is only 42-months, one would not expect him to use exactly correct, or precise, vocabulary use of objects around him. He has much to learn! However, it is important to build vocabulary daily (as we know […]

Toddler Lantern-Style of Consciousness

Sam is back! After 16 days at his grandparents’ in Ohio, Sam demonstrates how toddlers are designed to develop by way of shining a lantern on his world and discovering it bit by bit to be ready for school. By experiencing the world around him first-hand and by interacting with parents, siblings and caregivers, he […]

How to Raise a Verbal Child: Lexicon Valley on Betty Hart and Todd Risley’s research

How to Raise a Verbal Child: Lexicon Valley on Betty Hart and Todd Risley’s research The above link takes readers to a podcast posted on June 25th by Mike Vuolo on Slate, a general-interest, daily magazine on the Web offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, business, technology, and culture, readers. The podcast from Lexicon Valley […]

Building Vocabulary for Parts of Things

39-month old Sam commonly uses words and phrases like “thing,” “that” and “right there.” Use of vague, or non-specific, vocabulary is common at this age, but it is a great time to begin giving a child specific vocabulary (In the video, I encourage him to use the word “roof” to be more specific). Being able […]

Providence, R.I., Wins $5 Million to Improve Early Literacy

Providence, R.I., Wins $5 Million to Improve Early Literacy This blog entry from the “Early Years”, one of Education Week’s blogs, follows up nicely on the video I posted yesterday of Sam and my comments about the connection between vocabulary development and literacy skills.  Julie Blair writes in the above-linked blog about a program called […]

Vocabulary Development…A True Gift for School Readiness!

At nearly 39 months, Sam works hard to expand his vocabulary. He takes in words around him and attempts to use them in his daily interactions with people and in his play. In the example in the video, Sam casually uses the word “hooking” to explain what he is doing to the truck. He uses […]

Counting the Words Poor Children Hear

Counting the Words Poor Children Hear It was wonderful to have a spring break, but there is much to catch up on.  IN the name of “efficiency,” I won’t summarize the above-linked article as I typically do, but will copy a snippet from the article.  It is worth reading the article in its entirety though! […]

Attempting to Sing the ABC Song

In this video, Sam (38 months) attempts to sing the ABC song. Although some of my 5 children as well as other children I know were able to sing the entire song without error by as young as 2 years old, Sam is clearly having trouble remembering it. It is of no concern to me […]