“When you get t…

“When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”

—Franklin D. Roosevelt

I purchased a bookmark about 10 years ago with this quote on it.  I had been a parent for 7 years and had 3 children.  Now, 2 more children later, the quote has even more meaning.  On so many days, the visual of a knot at the end of my rope keeps me being the best parent I can be.

While looking for ways to “tag” this blog post (This is all new to me!), I stumbled upon an article about a study that showed that when parents are depressed or under stress, their suffering can leave a lasting mark on their children’s DNA–and not for the better—written by Sharon Begley for the Daily Beast (9/12/11).  Here is the link to the article, which is worth reading for every parent who isn’t clear on how a child’s experiences affect their child’s brain development, by permanently turning on or turning off certain neurons in the brain:


Although this quote and article link don’t seem like part of the “fun side of child development for school success,” as described at the top of every Baby and Toddler Land blog entry, it is an indirect reminder to keep it fun, when humanly possible.  There is so much seriousness in raising children.  But, whenever possible, it’s worth it to keep it fun.

Keep it light!  Keep a smile on your face for your kids!  Have a wide network of friends and family to support you in times of stress and emotional need.  Seek professional help, if needed.  Stop at nothing to keep yourself healthy and happy as a parent.  Your child’s brain is depending on you!


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